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Horus Pharma creates Art Ophta, an unprecedented charitable operation combining artistic creation in ophthalmology.

True to their values, Horus Pharma laboratories wish to promote innovation and make it accessible. This is also true for artistic creation.
The idea is first to share the artist’s through process on "Contemporary Art & Ophthalmology", through the implementation of new works, exploring the enigma of vision. Produced in limited editions, these creations are then presented and discussed among ophthalmologists. This is an opportunity to discuss new aspects of their speciality.
Art Ophta operation stood out for some great collaborations with artists Sacha Sosno  and Michel Bisbard, around the themes of visual obliteration and modular Art.
The next step is to promote these works to practitioners for the benefit humanitarian actions. All funds raised through the generosity of the doctors are donated to the charity SHARE association   which works to promote world health.

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Totem of Mr Bisbard

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Established at the Vision Institute since 2008, Horus Pharma benefits from an advanced research environment, internationally recognised for its work in ophthalmology.
Supported by Eurobiomed, Horus Pharma is chair of Ophta Biotech, an association for actors in ophthalmology in the Mediterranean arc.