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18/11/2013 - International


After Europe, Horus Pharma pharmaceutical laboratories set out to conquer the US market by signing an exclusive distribution agreement with Paragon BioTeck (Portland, Oregon).  


HORUS PHARMA laboratories specialising in ophthalmology announces the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Paragon BioTeck, based in Portland. This agreement, confirmed at the American Academy of Ophthalmology in New Orleans, covers the Ilast® product range, preservative-free hygiene products for weakened eyelids.

For Martine Claret, president of HORUS PHARMA, “this collaboration with Paragon BioTeck represents an important step in the growth and innovation strategy of the laboratory. Our Ilast® product range, based on EpiFree®, a patented proprietary technology, meets the expectations of US consumers who are discovering the virtues of “preservative-free” products.
The advancement is significant: by sealing this distribution partnership, HORUS PHARMA introduced in the US market the first line of preservative, fragrance and alcohol-free ocular hygiene products. The “preservative-free” culture has always been at the heart of the dynamics of innovation within HORUS PHARMA. Today, it responds to a real market and behaviours transformation in the United States, where there is a newly-emerging and strong demand for preservative-free ophthalmic products.
Patrick Witham, President and CEO of Paragon BioTeck, also welcomes this international partnership that paves the way for new pharmaceutical prospects in the US: “This agreement with HORUS PHARMA demonstrates our commitment to support innovation in ophthalmology through an unparalleled network of specialised partners”.


About Ilast®

Ilast® is a patented range of medical devices for preservative, fragrance and alcohol-free care and hygiene for eyelids. Highly concentrated in active ingredients, Ilast® products benefit from the Epifree Technology patent from the HORUS PHARMA R&D laboratory. Made using a unique manufacturing process, Epifree technology is based on a low temperature sterilisation system that preserves the quality of assets, without the use of preservatives.  

About Paragon BioTeck, Inc.
Paragon BioTeck is a private US company specializing in the development and marketing of medical devices and biopharmaceuticals in the ophthalmology sector. Paragon BioTeck’s purpose is to respond to various medical issues involved in the fight to protect eyesight.
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