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10/06/2015 - PRODUCT LAUNCH

Horus Pharma launches ILAST Wipes

Ilast Lingettes are designed for one-time, strict hygiene for diseased eyelids in case of acute infections or surgery.


Ilast Lingettes is a medical device that combines Horus Pharma’s dual expertise in ophthalmology and dermatology:

  • Eye and skin tolerance due to a formula free from preservatives, fragrance and alcohol
  • Absorbent fibre pre-moistened with highly concentrated active ingredients: 0.2% hyaluronic acid and 0.2% allantoin
  • The comfort of a viscose honeycomb fibre for absorption and gentle cleaning of secretions and dirt on the eyelashes and eyelid
  • The safety of a sterile and pure formula, designed to protect the ocular surface
  • A ready-to-use wipe, packaged in a single-use individual bag.
  • A neutral odour, thanks to its alcohol-free and fragrance-free formula


The ACL code for Ilast Lingettes is 34015 6089231 4.

Carefully read the instructions in the package leaflet - Class IIa medical device - CE 0459