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03/07/2015 - AWARDS

Horus Pharma wins the national price Development and Growth potential

The independent laboratories HORUS PHARMA, specialized in ophthalmology, received the Development and Potential Growth Grand Prix, tied with Altrad, when handing the 2015 Great Growth Business Awards. The Award "which puts at stand the best French companies", rewards Horus Pharma’s economic and social growth performance, in an international development booming context.

Since its founding, the HORUS PHARMA laboratories have established themselves in the French and international pharmaceutical landscape. With its pioneering position in the field of "preservative free" therapeutic products, the lab has forged a successful business model through complete financial independence. The Great Growth Companies Prizes highlight and reward ambitious and forward thinking strategic choices, based on three fundamental pillars:

  • A Research and Development dynamic both agile and proactive, focused in particular on the design of preservative-free products, to meet the unidentified needs of patients and practitioners.
  • The integration of Expertise "Hi-Tech": a strategic approach based on the latest Medtech innovations. It aims to provide scientific and medical solutions as prevention, diagnostic and ophthalmic surgery, applied to AMD, glaucoma, keratoconus and dry eye.
  • A strong international development with the creation of the first European subsidiaries in Spain, Benelux, Great Britain, and distribution agreements in the USA and in Russia.

 Martine Claret prix des entreprises de croissance 2015

For Dr. Martine Claret, President of HORUS PHARMA:

"The Development and Growth Potential Grand Prix rewards collective ambition to become a sustainable business in the highly competitive sector of ophthalmology. Innovation is HORUS PHARMA’s engine of growth. In a shifting economic and regulatory environment, middle size pharmaceutical companies must maintain their ability to innovate continuously, in order to succeed.

At HORUS PHARMA, we strive to significantly increase every year our R&D budget, to provide products of genuine therapeutic benefit, to patients and practitioners. Our entrepreneurial experience, combined with a strong involvement of all of our teams and our network of strategic partners, allow us to win the accession of both the medical community and patients."


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