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Horus Spirit


Faithful to the founding values of Claude and Martine Claret, the Horus Pharma spirit combines diversity, audacity, pragmatism and team spirit.


Various talent profiles...
The men and women who work at Horus Pharma are from diverse backgrounds. Each person has his or her own personality and specific expertise that make them successful in their field. Horus Pharma aims to be a workplace where people share and flourish..

… interested in innovation
Innovation stems from diversity. Constant renewal in order to design the products of the future. The laboratory strives to create favourable conditions for ideas and proposals that support progress.

…and action oriented ...
Responsiveness, flexibility and openess of mind are among needed qualities to lead to concrete achievements, from a company that inspires pride and recognition..

…to move forward, as a team, in the same direction.
Each employee, receptive to one another, is instilled on a daily basis with the firm conviction that he or she personally contributes to the success of the entire Horus Pharma team. By listening to its partners, the company maintains its obsession of bringing real solutions to patients. This is the basis of the company’s development and success.