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17/06/2015 - AWARDS


Martine Claret, President of Horus Pharma Laboratories, is the 2015 winner of the Femme Tech’ Innovante Prize as the " Women of economy Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur-Monaco".

After a great experience in Research within Dulcis, then Granions Laboratories, Martine Claret became the Managing Director of MC Development, a business development company, specializing in agreements, licenses and development of pharmaceutical products with difficult technical constraints.

In 2003, she decided to focus on the core of the pharmaceutical business and started her own laboratory: Horus Pharma was born. Horus Pharma is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory specialized in ophthalmology. A challenge that can be described as difficult in a highly competitive sector. Nevertheless, Dr. Claret managed to significantly increase its turnover and its workforce in two years, while developing genuine know-how for its "preservative free" products. 


Her missions: Martine Claret, Managing Director and Chief Pharmacist oversees scientific and technical departments of the laboratory: "My main mission is to design and develop innovative products to treat patients with eye diseases, while ensuring the availability of high quality products".

Her challenges: Martine Claret challenges herself to develop the laboratory’s business while maintaining its independence. She hopes to transform HORUS PHARMA from a SME to a perennial ETI thanks to values such as integrity and creativity.

Her values: She highlights values ​​that she wishes to convey to her employees: Passion, integrity, high standards, taste for innovation, imagination and ethics

Her motives: Martine Claret wishes to promote her company and its multiple CSR actions. By stepping forward, she showed how important it is to push oneself and thus empower the economic dynamism of its region.


Martine Claret Horus Pharma See Martine Claret’s full portrait on the official website of “Women of the Economy