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01/09/2015 - PRODUCT


The Horus Pharma Laboratories are pleased to announce the new and improved packaging of ILAST O'Clean, micellar solution for skin hygiene and intolerant eyelids.


ILAST O'Clean is now available in airless pump bottles of 100 ml:

ilast oclean new packaging

• Safe use: no contamination before nor after opening.

• Maintaining actives’ quality, thanks to the patent Epifree® Technology.

• Spray format designed for easy application of micellar water by spraying on the area to be cleaned.

• Improved ergonomics for better bottle grip.

Ilast Oclean from the Horus Pharma laboratories, combines dual expertise in ophthalmology and dermatology:

Eye and skin tolerancePreservative-free formula, fragrance free, alcohol-free

High actives concentration

  • 0.1% hyaluronic acid: hydrates and promotes healing (1).
  • 0.2% of allantoin: soothes and calms irritation (2). 


Medical device Class IIa - 1014 CE - Read carefully the instruction leaflet - Ask advice from your doctor or pharmacist - ACL Code: 34 010 5414491 2.

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