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03/02/2014 - PRODUCT LAUNCH


Horus Pharma laboratories launched ODM 5, , the first preservative-free hyperosmolar solution for the management of corneal oedema. 

Corneal oedema is a common clinical condition that affects a large part of the population, leading to diagnostic and therapeutic problems. It is characterized by swelling of the cornea due to an accumulation of fluid, especially in the stroma. This excessive accumulation of water causes an increase in corneal thickness and a loss of transparency. The cornea becomes cloudy, causing a loss of visual acuity and a significant decrease in visual comfort, crippling daily due to pervasive symptomatology (fog sensation, perception of halos, photophobia, lacrimation, and pain).

The causes are numerous: congenital (corneal dystrophy) keratalgia, trauma (burn, wound, contusion), eye surgery (refractive surgery, operation)

In France, the most advanced treatment of corneal oedema is corneal grafting, though its prognosis varies depending on the cause of the oedema. Symptomatic treatment of corneal oedema involves, meanwhile, local application of anti-oedema eye drops such as hyperosmolar solutions (sodium chloride base), previously unavailable in France.


The only corneal anti-oedema treatment available in France, ODM 5, is a preservative-free hyperosmolar solution offering a significant improvement in the treatment of corneal oedema.



  • A unique combination of sodium chloride 5% and sodium hyaluronate 0.15%, ODM5 is involved in restoring corneal transparency and improving the visual comfort of patients with corneal oedema..
  • Sodium hyaluronate provides a bandage effect that promotes protection (1) and healing (2) of the cornea, without the harmful effects linked to the presence of preservatives.
  • Sodium chloride provides an osmotic effect helping to move excess fluid away from the corneal tissue, allowing the cornea to return a normal state of hydration.


ODM5 is a medical device with CE marking.

Retail Price: €10.53

Directions for use: 1 to 2 drops 4 times per day

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