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19/09/2014 - AWARD


The Innovation Award was presented to Horus Pharma at the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2014 for the Mediterranean region. A great award which enshrines the continued growth of the laboratory, its dynamic of innovation and active support to local and national Research.

Based on criteria of economic and social performance, this award is coupled with an excellent ranking in the 2014 Ranking of French SME and ETI :Horus moved up to 97th place nationally among the "best independent French companies."


A rewarding entrepreneurial journey

Martine and Claude Claret are both doctors of pharmacy. Passionate about their craft, they decided in 2003 to share their entrepreneurial experience through the creation of an ophthalmic lab, Horus Pharma.

These two doctors of pharmacy completed their studies in pharmacology for Martine Claret (the discipline that studies the mechanisms of an active substance in the body where it is administered, so that results can then be used for therapeutic purposes, as an example: developing a medicinal product) and Business School (EM Lyon) for Claude Claret.

Their paths are punctuated with brilliant experiences from SME's to large multinationals. Martine Claret served as Chief Pharmacist of Laboratory with Granions and Scientific Director at Dulcis. Claude Claret, meanwhile, followed a path more focused on Marketing and Business Development: Director of Business Development at Transphyto, CEO of Théa laboratories, Director of Marketing at Allergan.

Both are from non-salaried family backgrounds (doctors and merchants); they are surrounded by many friends who are business owners, and therefore it was natural for them to take the leap in 2003 by creating the Horus Pharma laboratory; Martine and Claude Claret necessarily have different and complementary strengths: directive, participative, creative and pragmatic, which allowed them to take their project to new heights.

FIn late 2009, the two founders received the "Manager of the Year" Trophy at the first Eco CCI-Nice Matin Trophy which honours innovative SMEs in the French Riviera.

Committed to promoting the ophthalmic division of the Mediterranean Arc (Ophta Biotech), Horus Pharma laboratory is a member of EUROBIOMED, health sector competitiveness cluster bringing together the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and Languedoc-Roussillon region. Horus Pharma is also present at the Vision Institute in Paris and joins one of Europe's major areas of research in ophthalmology. The company is an independent pharmaceutical laboratory specializing in research, development, and marketing of ophthalmology and dermatology products. Horus Pharma aims to differentiate itself from the competition by developing innovative and patented products, without preservatives. In particular, the laboratory developed a novel delivery system of preservative-free products (the I-Free multi-dose vials) and a patented production process in dermatology (Epifree Technology).


Keys to success

►   Experience and perfect knowledge of the ophthalmology market;;

►   A global strategy: to be present in all therapeutic segments in ophthalmology within 3 years;

►   Ethics: the company imposes requirements that go beyond mere legal obligations;

►   A policy of innovation: approximately 8% of turnover invested annually in R&D ;

►   A team driven by passion for their profession and a sense of service to patients.