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10/12/2013 - Award


The award standard for SME-SMI, the Prix Etienne Marcel was awarded to Horus Pharma laboratories for their economic performance and their commitment to responsibility.

Thierry Repentin, Minister for European Affairs, presented the 2013 Prix Etienne Marcel to Martine Claret, President of Horus Pharma, French laboratory specialising in ophthalmology and dermatology. The jury was particularly sensitive to the Horus Pharma’s involvement with charities, to its concern for the patient's benefit and to its leading role in the revitalization of the local and international ophthalmology sectors.

For Martine Claret, president of Horus Pharma: "This award is recognition of our management approach that places the human relationship at the heart of business development. Corporate Social Responsibility is seen as a mindset, a culture that profoundly informs our identity, operation and vision since the creation of the laboratory. I believe that beyond the figures and economic performance, a company’s commitments to the environment and to responsibility, contribute to its legitimacy and sustainability.”

Supported by BPI France and the CGPME, the 2013 Prix Etienne Marcel encourages Horus Pharma to continue with its dynamic of development and its model of responsible entrepreneurship. Ten years after its creation, Horus Pharma laboratories have established themselves in the French and international pharmaceutical landscape, notably by expanding their distribution partnerships in Europe and the United States. With their pioneering position in the “preservative-free" domain, they have forged a successful business model, while maintaining their financial independence. By freeing the company from the constraints of fast ROI, this independence guarantees that the social mission initiated by Horus Pharma with patient associations, practitioners and the scientific community in ophthalmology will continue.


Horus Pharma key figures:

Creation of Horus Pharma laboratories by Martine and Claude Claret in 2003 Steadily growing turnover reaching €22.5 million in 2013 End of 2013: a team of 69 employees, 75% of whom are women. In 2010, initiation of the Art and Ophthalmology operation whose profits are entirely paid to the SHARE association. In parallel, Horus Pharma lends its support to the Association for the Promotion of Village Health in CHAD. In 2011, co-founding of Ophta Biotech, a competence cluster bringing together key players in ophthalmology and patient associations in the Alpes-Maritimes, Monaco and Corsica (Eurobiomed industry). One of the purposes of Ophta Biotech is the creation of a house for low vision in the PACA region.