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Ophta Biotech

Supported by Eurobiomed, Horus Pharma co-founded and is chair of Ophta Biotech, an association that brings together actors in ophthalmology in the Mediterranean arc.

Co-founded in 2009 by Claude Claret (Horus Pharma), Pierre-Paul Elena (Iris Pharma), Prof. Pierre Gastaud (Nice University Hospital) and Dr. Loïc Lozivit (ophthalmologist, Nice), Ophta Biotech brings together actors in diagnostics, therapy and research in ophthalmology for patient associations in the Mediterranean arc.

Based on the pooling of multidisciplinary expertise and dialogue with patients, Ophta Biotech promotes the emergence of projects and new tools for visually impaired people. The main tasks of the association are to:

  • Share the latest technological, therapeutic and societal innovations at annual conferences on Low Vision for both specialists and patients.
  • Enable synergies between researchers, practitioners, manufacturers and associations of visually impaired patients
  • Evaluate and support ophthalmology research projects submitted by researchers and specialised biotech start-ups

Ophta Biotech is a member of Eurobiomed, competitiveness cluster in the Health industry that actively supports the dynamic of research initiated by the association.

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