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Pharmaceutical Affairs Department

The Pharmaceutical Affairs Department is centered around a solid core of complementary resources: pharmacists, physicians, engineers, pharmacologists, regulatory affairs and patent specialists and inspection and Quality Management specialists.  

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department encompasses the Marketing division, Direct Sales, Sales Administration and the Communication division. It also coordinates the entire Salesforce, bringing together the Prescription, OTC and Hi-Tech teams.

Sales Department

Horus Pharma has built a certified network of medical representatives throughout France. Different teams of medical representatives cover medical visits with ophthalmologists in the city, visits with hospital practitioners and in pharmacies.

HR, Finance and Administration Department

At the heart of the dynamics of valuation for Horus Pharma, the financial team strengthens the group’s relationships with financial institutions while promoting future investments. This Department also includes the administrative and legal teams.


The Production Department brings together experts in the industrial production of Health products, logistics experts, Supply Chain experts ... This department is in the process of growing, in particular to support production and export strategies within the laboratory.


The Export Department combines versatile profiles in business development, with a strong knowledge of the markets and a marked international culture. The interface with the Group's international partners, the Export team works to promote the presence of Horus Pharma around the world, by establishing subsidiaries and expanding the distribution network.