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Cross Linking

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The iontophoresis kit offered by Horus Pharma includes the following medical devices:

  • Ricrolin®+, a riboflavin-based (0.1%), hypotonic ophthalmic solution for para-surgical use suitable for performing cross-linking procedures by iontophoresis.
  • IONTOFOR CXL: corneal electrode
  • PROTENS ELITE 4848LE: return electrode
  • VEGA LAMP 10mW


Ricrolin®+ Indications :

Ricrolin®+ in combination with a medical device emitting UV-A for ophthalmic use, is indicated in the conservative treatment of keratoconus and ectatic pathologies.
The treatment is particularly indicated for:

  • all forms of corneal ectasia, genetic or iatrogenic.
  • progressive keratoconus (clinically or instrumentally documented) and for anomalies of the cornea.


CXL by iontophoresis procedure:

  • EPI-ON procedure: there is no de-epithelialization phase
  • Permeation phase: penetration of riboflavin into the stroma through the application of a low-intensity electric field generated by the I-ON CXL device. By fixing the current to 1mA, the iontophoresis phase lasts only 5 minutes.
  • UV-A irradiation phase provided using the VEGA LAMP 10mW for 9 minutes



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