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Cross Linking

surgical medical device



Ricrolin® TE is a hypotonic ophthalmic solution for para-surgical use suitable for performing trans-epithelial cross-linking procedures.


Composition :

Riboflavin 0.1%
Dextran T500: 15 g
Vectorization factors: Trometamol, sodium edetate

Presentation :

1 sterile single-use dispenser prefilled to 1 ml.
1 sterile single-use needle-cannula.


Indications :

•All ectatic pathologies of the cornea and progressive keratoconus (clinically and instrumentally documented) especially in young or uncooperative patients
• Corneal thickness > or equal to 350 ?m at the thinnest point.
• “Transparent cornea” biomicroscopically and confocally



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