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Cross Linking

surgical medical device



Ricrolin® is an ophthalmic solution for parasurgical use designed for carrying outconventional or accelerated cross linking procedures.



Riboflavine à 0.1%
Dextran T500 : 20 g


1 single-use sterile dispenser pre-filled with 1 ml
1 single-use sterile needle canula


Indications :

• Keratoconus and/or secondary ectasia, with clinical documentation,
  corneal topography, pachymetry.
• Progressive Keratoconus with clinical and instrumental documentation
  during the last 6-12 months.
• Cornea of a thickness > or equal to 400 µm at the thinnest point.
• Biomicroscopically and confocally “transparent cornea”.

Conventional CXL Procedure
- De-epithelialisation phase on an area of 9mm in diameter: EPI-OFF procedure
- Imbibition phase:
  Instillation of 1 or 2 drops of RICROLIN® every 2-3 minutes for 20 minutes
- Irradiation phase:
  UV-A irradiation using a 3 mW VEGA lamp for 30 minutes




CE 0373 - Manufacturer: Sooft - Distributor: Horus Pharma - Class IIb medical device, sterile (Instituto superiore di sanita) - This medical device is a regulated health product that, with regard to these regulations, bears the CE mark. Carefully read the instructions in the package leaflet.