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Established within the Vision Institute since 2008, Horus Pharma benefits from an advanced research environment, internationally recognised for its work in the field of ophthalmology.

Built in the heart of the Quinze-Vingts National Eye Hospital and managed by Prof. José Alain Sahel, the Vision Institute is the first integrated research centre in Europe, dedicated entirely to eye diseases. 

Supported by INSERM and Pierre and Marie Curie University, this multidisciplinary research institute aims to share knowledge and techniques to quickly reach new milestones in the areas of eye disease and vision. In 6000 m² of space, researchers, clinicians and industry partners collaborate to understand, discover and test the treatments and technological innovations of tomorrow.

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Horus Pharma initiates Art Ophta, an operation combining the domains of art and ophthalmology for charitable purposes.
Supported by Eurobiomed, Horus Pharma is chair of Ophta Biotech, an association for actors in ophthalmology in the Mediterranean arc.